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Building Envelope Facades

Win-Con is a Building Envelope Contractor specializing in the design, manufacturing and installation of Curtain Wall building envelope facades. The term “Curtain Wall” typically refers to an aluminum-framed wall system containing in-fills of glass, metal panels, thin stone or a combination thereof. The Curtain Wall system “hangs” from anchor clips attached to the face or top of each floor slab allowing it to by-pass the floor slabs essentially “draping” the building structure with a continuous building envelope enclosure.
W Hotel Austin TX - Photos by Marshall BishopThere are many architectural building envelope façade materials that can be incorporated into our curtain wall systems, as previously mentioned, however on many projects the façade is made up of a combination of curtain wall, punch windows or ribbon windows which are installed adjacent to an unincorporated building envelope system such as precast or framed walls with a brick/stone façade. Special attention to detail is required on such projects to ensure proper continuity between the adjacent facade systems allowing each to perform properly without compromising the overall performance of the building envelope’s ability to resist air and water infiltration and to maintain a thermal barrier between inside and out.

Here is a list of Building Envelope Façade products that Win-Con can provide for your project:

  • Curtain wall and window wall systems
  • Blast resistant glazed wall systems
  • Hurricane impact resistant glazed wall systems
  • Structural glass wall systems
  • Aluminum windows fixed and operable
  • Automatic entrances
  • Revolving glass doors
  • All-Glass Entrances and Balance doors
  • Storefront and entrance systems
  • Sliding glass doors and terrace doors
  • ICU/CCU doors
  • ACM and Plate panel cladding systems for walls, soffits, fascia and column covers
  • Glass canopy systems
  • Skylights